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Subject: Info: Marine Mammal News
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Subject:      Info Summary for U.S. Congress and Staff
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Marmam Group:
     I'm appending part of a regular update I prepare for congressional staff on
fisheries and marine mammal public policy issues as I see them .  In
deference to those who have to pay for communications time, I am including
only new items added since my last posting, and a shortened introduction.  I
will post the entire summary and the longer introduction on the first Friday of
the month.
                                 Gene Buck, Senior Analyst
                                 Congressional Research Service
Summary follows:
Marine Mammals
        Mexican Salt Facility Threatening to Whales?  On Mar. 27, 1995, a
Mexican environmental group expressed concern that a proposed salt
production facility in Baja California Sur's Vizcaino Desert Biosphere Reserve
may be harmful to gray whales using the adjacent bay as a breeding area.
        Shock Test Hearing.  On Mar. 29, 1995, the Navy will hold a public
hearing on plans for shock tests for the Seawolf submarine 100 miles offshore
of either Jacksonville, FL, or Norfolk, VA, during 1997.  These tests will
include five detonations of 10,000-pound charges.  A draft environmental
impact statement on the tests is to be available in January 1996. [Assoc
        Gulf of California Mortalities.  On Mar. 27, 1995, the Arizona Daily
Star reported that the January 1995 marine mammal deaths (307 porpoises,
51 sea lions, and 8 whales) in the Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California, had been
attributed, by Mexican authorities, to illegal dumping of chemicals, including
cyanide and heavy metals. [Assoc Press]
        Items in this summary were excerpted from a variety of news and
information sources.  CRS is not responsible for the accuracy of the
various news items.