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Subject: Info: Whale Stranding Conference
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Subject: NE Regional Stranding Conference - schedule for open sessions
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1995 Northeast Regional Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding Network
Saturday,  April 29
09:00    Welcome and Introduction
        Samuel Sadove
09:15   National Marine Fisheries Service Procedures and Trends.
        Dean Wilkinson
09:30   Northeast Regional Stranding Network.
        Kim Thunhurst
09:45   A practical (very) short course in virology and serology.
        Carol House
10:00   Epizootiology of morbillivirus infection in North American
           harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) and gray seals (Halichoerus
        Padraig J. Duignan
10:15   Emerging viruses.
        Carol House
10:30           COFFEE BREAK
10:45   Length comparison of individually identified humpback whales
             (Megaptera novaeagliae) stranded in the Western Atlantic.
                Peter Stevick
11:00   An unusual stranding of whitesided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus acutus).
        Greg Early, A. J. Read, D. Gannon, K. Matassa, C. Merigo
11:15   Cetacean remains and strandings in the Galapagos Islands.
        Daniel M. Palacios
11:30   The near-fatal ingestion of plastic by a pygmy sperm whale, Kogia
        Brent R. Whitaker, J. R. Geraci, A. Stamper, D. Schofield, and C. Steine
11:45   Right Whale in Philadelphia.
        Bob Schoelkopf
12:00           LUNCH BREAK
13:30   Maryland marine mammal stranding events of 1994.
        Frances Cresswell
13:45   Preliminary observations regarding morphologic characteristics of the
               harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) thymus.
        Rosemarie Borkowski and Sentiel Rommel
14:00   Commercial fisheries and marine mammals; fact and fiction.
        Mary Bess Phillips
14:15   Food habits of stranded long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas)
from the U. S. Mid-Atlantic coast.
        Damon Gannon, J. P. Craddock, A. J. Read, and J. Mead
14:30   Regional Stranding Reports: Part I
15:00                 COFFEE BREAK
15:15   Regional Stranding Reports: Part II
15:45   Rescue, treatment and release of a long finned pilot whale
(Globicephala melaena).
        Paul P. Calle, M. D. Stetter, B. L. Raphael, R. A. Cook,
              C. A. McClave, S. Massucci,  K. M. Walsh, and S. Sadove
16:00   Logistics and preparation for the capture and release
             of a long finned pilot whale (Globicephala melaena).
        Samuel Sadove
Sunday,  April 30
09:00   After the strandings: the use of postmortem specimens in studying
              nasolaryngeal function, including the biology of  sound
generating mechanisms.
        Joy S. Reidenberg and Jeffrey T. Laitman
09:15   The satellite tracking of a juvenile male hooded seal (Cystophora
        Deb Spangler
09:30   The "Seal Team" experiment.
        Dianne Taggart
09:45   The behavioral observations and rehabilitation techniques of an
individual Kogia breviceps.
        T. David Schofield
10:00   There's a what in the bay? .... Safety issues with respect to the
              and relocation of a wayward Florida  manatee (Trichechus
        T. David Schofield and Gene J. Taylor
10:15   Strandings of bottlenose dolphins and harbor porpoises in Virginia
        W. Mark Swingle, S. G. Barco, W. A. McLellan, D. A. Pabst
10:30           COFFEE BREAK
10:45   What's going on?  Anomolous occurences in pinniped strandings on Long
        Kim Durham and Rob DiGiovanni
11:00   to be announced
        Cindy Driscoll
11:15   Closing Remarks
        Samuel Sadove
(presenters will be available in the poster exhibit area for questions on
Saturday from 12:45 - 13:30)
An evaluation of natural versus human induced mortality
in sea turtles in the New York Bight. Eileen Gerle and S. Sadove
The stranding of a juvenile male pilot whale (Globicephala melaena);
a case study. Kieth Matassa, G.Early, B. Wyman, S. Rommel, and H. Krum
A case of invasive medical techniques employed in the
treatment of a severely hypothermic Kemp's Ridley
sea turtle. Robert P. Pisciotta, K. Durham, R. DiGiovanni, S. Sadove, and
E. Gerle
Entanglement in small cetaceans: documenting evidence from
observer programs and strandings. Andrew J. Read and Kimberly T. Murray
Note on a new prey species for Northwest Atlantic humpback
whale (Megaptera novaengliae). Fred Wenzel, G. Early, J. Craddock
Arthur H. Kopelman
Arthur H. Kopelman