Subject: Info: Teacher/research Opportunity

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
Mon, 18 May 1995 09:20:29

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From: Michael Williamson <WHE_WILLIAM@FLO.ORG>
Subject: Info: Teacher/research Opportunity
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The Pacific Whale Foundation has recently received a grant to
provide subsidies of up to 20% for teachers and students who
particpate in our Australian Humpback Whale Project during
September of 1995.  For information on how you can join our
research team studying humpback whales in Hervey Bay Marine Park,
located along Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast, contact
Intern Program Co-ordinator Kris Hunter by telephone
(1-800-WHALE-11) or email: "".  Teams are
limited in size to 5 participants, and last for a minimum of two
weeks.  Please do not send inquiries to Marmam.