Subject: Info: DNA and whalemeat smuggling

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Subject: Info: DNA and whalemeat smuggling
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Subj:	Whaling commission cracks down
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Subject:      Whaling commission cracks down
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Whaling commission cracks down on smugglers
    DUBLIN, Ireland (Reuter) - The International Whaling
Commission voted Thursday to impose random DNA testing on all
whalemeat stocks in an attempt to foil smugglers,
environmentalists said.
     They told the commission's annual meeting in Dublin that
meat from protected whales was openly sold in South Korea and
Japan at prices of up to $100 a pound.
     The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society said in a
statement that 21 countries supported the resolution which was
opposed by Norway, Japan and the Solomon Islands.
     "The vote to introduce DNA testing of whalemeat is a major
victory for us in the fight to end all whaling," said society
spokesman Chris Stroud.
     "It means that evading detection will become increasingly
difficult for whalers who callously ignore the ban on commercial
     The commission banned commercial whaling in 1986 but the
environmentalists said countries like Japan had continued
whaling under the justification of scientific research.
     The society said the Japanese government had seized more
than 500 tons of illegally-smuggled whalemeat since 1988.
     The commission urged Norway this week to stop whaling
immediately and reconsider its objection to an international
moratorium on whaling.
     Norway is the only country which continues commercial
whaling in defiance of a 10-year international ban. It issued a
license to kill 232 minke whales earlier this year on the basis
that stocks were plentiful.