Subject: Info: IWC and Norway Whaling (Dublin)

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
Mon, 3 Jun 1995 03:01:25

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From: Michael Williamson <WHE_WILLIAM@FLO.ORG>
Subject: Info: IWC and Norway Whaling (Dublin)
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Subject:      IWC calls on Norway to stop wh
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IWC calls on Norway to stop whaling
    DUBLIN, June 1 (Reuter) - The International Whaling
Commission has urged Norway to stop whaling immediately and
reconsider its objection to an international moratorium on
     The IWC said in a resolution at its annual meeting in Dublin
on Tuesday that its scientific committee had unanimously agreed
that there was currently no valid abundance estimate for minke
whales in the Northeastern Atlantic.
     The resolution, passed by 21 votes to six, called on Norway
to "halt immediately all whaling activities under its
     Norway is the only country which continues commercial
whaling in defiance of a 10-year international ban. It issued a
licence to kill 232 minke whales earlier this year on the basis
that they were plentiful.
     Japan also continues to hunt whales under a loophole that
permits "scientific whaling."
     The IWC resolution was welcomed by the Whale and Dolphin
Conservation Society (WDCS).
     "We are delighted that this resolution has been passed.
Countries like Norway will no longer be allowed to hide behind
the cloak of science in justifying their needless slaughter and
destruction of whales," said campaigns director Chris Stroud.
     The IWC meeting runs until June 2 and is being attended by
over 300 delegates from more than 30 countries and observers
from other organisations.
     The meeting has been accompanied by protests from
international conservation group Greenpeace, with demonstrators
brandishing banners saying "No way, Norway' and "Stop the
bloody whaling'.