Subject: Biblio: Marine Mammal URL's

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Subject: Biblio: Marine Mammal URL's
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Dear MARMAMers,
The two cetacean bibliographies I sent to many of you a few weeks ago are now
available in the WWW Virtual Library/Whale-Watching-Web.  This site is
maintained by Rauno Lauhakangas, and I would like to extend my thanks to
Rauno and to Jim Nollman for sending the biblios to him.
I will update the bibliographies periodically as new titles become available
and would be grateful to receive suggestions from MARMAMERs for both older
titles and new titles you would like to see added to the lists.
I am also working on the following additional cetacean bibliographies, for
which contributions are welcome:
Children's literature
Film and video cassettes
Audio cassettes
The URL for the site is:
or more directly
Best regards,
Trisha Lamb Feuerstein