Subject: Prof. Develop:Employment opportunities @ VMSM

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Subject: Prof. Develop:Employment opportunities @ VMSM
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Subject:      Employment opportunities @ VMSM.
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Employment opportunities at the Virginia Marine Science Museum.
Applications and information may be obtained by calling the City of Virginia
Beach Department of Human Resources at 2396 Court Plaza Dr., Room 100,
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23456-9056.  Please _do_not_ call the Museum or
request information via e-mail.
The Virginia Marine Science Museum's 35 million dollar expansion program is
well underway.  The following new positions will be instrumental in
preparing for phase one of the expansion project which will open to the
public December 1995. Currently, the museum holds the distinction of being
one of the most highly attended museums in the state with more than 325,000
visitors a year, including 80,000 school children.  With the expansion, the
museum is expecting more than 750,000 visitors a year to discover the
wonders of Virginia's marine environment.  With intriguing new animals and
creative new exhibits, such as a macro marsh where grasses and insects are
10 times their normal size, the museum will be among the top ten facilities
of its kind in the nation.  New residents for the museum will include
sharks, harbor seals, river otters, herons and egrets.  To create these
specialized habitats, the museum's 100,000 gallons of aquaria will expand to
500,000 gallons and a huge outdoor aviary will be built on the Owl's Creek
shoreline.  Visitors will also be able to immerse themselves in the world of
water from the seats of a six-story IMAX theatre.
We invite you to submit your application for any of the unique employment
opportunities described below by the designated closing date.  Separate
applications are required for each position of interest to you.  Museum
employees enjoy the comprehensive benefits package provided by the City of
Virginia Beach.  These positions and salary ranges are effective July 1, 1995.
Museum Marketing/Sales Coordinator #A5148
Salary: $39,420 - $59,130       Closing 8/3/95
Museum Admissions Supervisor #A5149
Salary: $20,744 - $30,078       Closing 7/27/95
Museum Program Specialist/Special Events #A5150
Salary: $21,794 - $31,602       Closing 7/27/95
Exhibits Specialist (3 positions) #A5151
Salary: $25,274 - $36,648       Closing 7/27/95
Note: There are three vacancies available for Exhibits Specialist - one each
in the speciality areas of marine mammals, fish and birds.
Exhibits Specialist/Graphics #A5154
Salary: $25,274 - $36,648       Closing 7/27/95
Exhibits Technician II/Aquariums #A5155
Salary: $20,744 - $30,078       Closing 7/27/95
Exhibits Technician I/Aquariums #A5156
Salary: $17,887 - $25,937       Closing 7/27/95
Exhibits Technician II/Horticulture #A5157
Salary: $20,744 - $30,078       Closing 7/27/95
Exhibits Technician II/Life Support Systems #A5158
Salary: $20,744 - $30,078       Closing 7/27/95
Exhibits Technician II/Water Quality #A5159
Salary: 20,744 - $30,078        Closing 7/27/95
                    Virginia Marine Science Museum
        717 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
        voice:(804) 437-4949 fax:(804) 437-4949 |
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