Subject: Fellow Whale Watchers

Paul Morton (pjmorton)
Mon, 19 Aug 1995 13:11:53

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Subject: Fellow Whale Watchers
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    I recently read a back issue of Online Access (Mar '95) and noticed
the editorial in Clip Board regarding your organization.  Needless to say
it sparked my curiosity enough to send you this note.
    I'm currently employed in the Canadain Armed Forces and staioned in
Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The unit where I work is called TRINITY or as the
project name goes...CFIC (Canadian Forces Integrated Undersea
Surveillance Centre).  We are part of a world wide network of undersea
surveillance sites designed primarily to maintain a watch on those
"mechanical wonders" that put to sea.  As a secondary duty, a direct
result of budgetary cut-backs we have taken on several alternative
initiatives, including one...the monitoring of marine mammals.
    We acheive this thru passive acoustic techniques and routinely detect
several different species of marine mammals in the open ocean surrounding
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  The information we are gathering is being
passed via official channels to some unknown entity in the United States,
who has been in direct liasion with the U.S. Navy regarding this matter.
    After reading about your organization I got to thinking that perhaps
here is an opportunity to further enhance the way both of our
establishments do business.  I'm going to research further the
"releasability" of the information and data collection methods we perform
and see if we can be of some service to your organization.
    I would like to also mention that TRINITY is currently trying to
establish a WWW Home Page and assoc Internet links...this should be up
and running soon.  As for now, I am sending you this courtesy note to let
you know we exist...unofficially.
    I don't know if the officialdom can be overcome to enable us to work
together, however, I will certainly be in touch for my own personal
interest in you organization.  Got to go is getting cold.
    Please fill me in about your organization a little more via e-mail or
the old fashioned way.......
Paul Morton
3600 John Parr Dr
Suite #121
Halifax, NS
Canada  B3K 5V3