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At 01:35 8/19/95, wrote:
>Dear MARMAM subscribers,
>    Is anyone aware of index of Marine Mammal Internet Resources? (Web sites,
>other list services etc...) I'm in the process of trying to put together a
>comprehensive list of available resources dealing strictly with marine mammal
>issues on the Internet. Any information concerning new sites, sites "under
>construction" or perhaps obscure sites would be most helpful. I have been
>doing a great deal of searching on my own, but I'm sure I've missed something
>(The Web has become an awfully big place...)
>Thanks in advance,
>Bill Lemus
>San Diego, CA
Try the for whaling and whale related inf
o. Also, at the same site, try for
a listing of places to get marine mammal info on the net.
Frode Skarstein
Frode Skarstein, Department of Ecology/Zoology, University of Tromsoe.