Subject: Info: Vietnamese villagers mourn gia (fwd)

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Subject: Info: Vietnamese villagers mourn gia (fwd)
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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 96 11:59:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Vietnamese villagers mourn gia
Vietnamese villagers mourn giant whale
     HANOI, Jan 3 (Reuter) - Vietnamese villagers have buried a
6.5 tonne whale found wounded and drifting off the country's
central coast.
     Local official Nguyen Van Muoi said on Wednesday the 13.5
metre (45 ft) animal was spotted in coastal waters last week
about 100 km (60 miles) south of Danang with gunshot wounds.
     The giant mammal died two hours after it was found and the
local villagers buried it with traditional funeral rites.
     "It was a very big ceremony, organised by the village
elders. After three years, they'll recover the whale's bones for
a shrine. That's the local tradition," he said by telephone.
     Whales are revered in coastal Vietnam and are not hunted