Subject: Case Study: Free Willy [cont. b]

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
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Subject: Case Study: Free Willy [cont. b]
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Subject:      Keiko/Free Willy
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From: John Dineley (
Re: Keiko/Free Willy
Most people would agree that the moving of the whale
"Keiko", the star of Free Willy, to a new modern facility in
Oregon is a positive development for his future welfare.
However, as a professional involved in the welfare of marine
mammals, I can see little point in spending vast sums of
money on rehabilitating him to the wild; an experiment with
no clear outcome and based on the dubious assumption
that he can not be maintained in good physical and
psychological condition in captivity.
In fact, in successful, modern aquariums, killer whales now
regularly and successfully breed and rear their young (see
paper in ZOO BIOLOGY No. 14.  Duffield, Odell, McBain and
Andrews: Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Reproduction at Sea
I am inclined to agree with some biologists who have voiced
concerns at the validity of spending such large amounts on
money on the welfare of one animal.  Any moneys now put
aside for "Keiko's release should now be used to support
projects for whales and dolphins in the wild who really are in
conservation jeopardy.
Finally, I would also point out to Marmamers, who have not
seen the posting from last year (August 16, 1995),  that
Iceland has made it clear that it has no intentions of allowing
long-term ex-captive orcas, such as Keiko,  to be released
off their territorial waters which, I believe, extends two
hundred miles off-shore.
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