Subject: Info: Whaling season ended (Norway)

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Subject: Info: Whaling season ended (Norway)
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>                         Whaling season ended
>                   Source: Bodų (NTB-Eirik Veigārd):
> The year's whaling season has ended. Almost the entire quota is
> filled, but the whalers are angry and dejected. They think the
> regulations are parodical. Many talk about quitting.
> At Wednesday night [July 5] the season ends. At Tuesday morning 213
> animals were caught out of a total quota of 232. Two vessels were
> still hunting at Tuesday, but Harald Dahl at the Norwegian fishery
> union (Norges RŒfisklag) didn't think more than two-three animals
> would be caught before the season ends.
>                             Angry Whalers
> The whalers are more than normally frustrated after this year's
> season. The frustration has changed to anger since the catch has
> been so regulated that a formerly lucrative enterprise has turned
> into an economically unpredic able venture.
> - We get directed here and there, we must wait for an inspector, we
> can't export the most attractive parts ot the whales, we must follow
> so many regulations without any sensible foundations that it's
> hideous, says vice president Jan Kristiansen of the Norwegian Small
> Whale catcher's union (Norges Smākvalfangerlag) to NTB.
> Jan Kristiansen says that many of the members have told him that
> they consider quitting whaling. The reason is that the catch is so
> regulated that the profit is too low to defend investments. They all
> say it's bitter to see that the blubber, which could be sold to
> Japan for NOK 1000/kg, is stacked away because of the authorities'
> cautiousness in this controversial export issue.
>                    Whales outside the living room
> What's particularly annoying to the catchers is the authorities'
> division of the ocean into zones. The vessels get areas they can
> hunt in like the Norwegian Sea, The coast of Finnmark, Jan Mayen or
> other areas in the Barents Sea. Vestfjorden, which formerly was a
> much preferred area, is closed because it has been said that the
> minke whale spawns there. The whalers laugh at the problem and the
> scientists don't have enough knowledge to say for sure.
> The bottom line is that whalers in Lofoten and Vesterālen which can
> sit in their living room watching minke whales, must travel for
> several days to reach their area in the Barents Sea.
> - We have burnt diesel oil for for hundreds of thousands of kroner
> in this insane movement of whaling vessels. On our way to the fields
> we may pass a lot of whales which we can't shoot because we're in
> the wrong area. When we arrive, the wheater may be bad and we must
> stay in harbour for several weeks, says Jan Kristiansen.
>                          Verbal harpoonshots
> It was a bad start of this year's season when the quota was reduced
> after the catch had commenced due to computing errors in the
> population estimates. Many vessels haven't been able to utilize the
> extension of this year's season because the inspectors on board
> haven't been able to extend their season.
> The whaler's vice president Jan Kristiansen is outraged over the
> malevolence the business has suffered. He fires verbal harpoonshots
> at the authorities' detailed regulations.
> - The whaling regulations is a series of insane ordinances which are
> not founded in reality. Rightly we may thank the authorities for
> having opened up the whaling, but the way it's currently organized
> it's more like euthanisia than support for a livelihood, Kristiansen
> maintains.
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