Subject: Info: Cetacean Bibliographies, etc. (fwd)

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Subject: Info: Cetacean Bibliographies, etc. (fwd)
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Subject: Cetacean Bibliographies, etc.
Dear MARMAMers,
Today substantive updates will be posted for my cetacean
fiction and nonfiction bibliographies, audiography, and
videography, plus a partially completed children's
bibliography, at:
I've made significant headway annotating the nonfiction
bibliography, but there are still many unannotated titles, and
if any of you would like to contribute anything from a sentence or
two to a few paragraphs about any of the titles with which you are
familiar, I would be most grateful to receive your input.
Suggestions for additions to any of the lists--including
forthcoming titles--are always welcome, and my thanks go to
all of you who have submitted additions and corrections for the
current update.
I will be gone for the next two weeks, so replies to any
messages received will be delayed.
Best regards,
Trisha Lamb Feuerstein
Indexer and Indexing Instructor
Integral Publishing, Lower Lake, California, USA