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Subject: Info: Summer Internships -- Congressional Research Service (fwd)
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From: Gene Buck <>
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Subject: Summer Internships -- Congressional Research Service
        I am considering hosting two graduate student interns this summer --
two months minimum.  One would work on marine mammal issues -- probably
tuna-dolphin legislation, APHIS care and maintenance standards for marine
mammals in captivity, whale conservation programs, and other related marine
mammal public policy issues.  The other would work on fisheries matters,
probably Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act
implementation (if reauthorization is enacted), tuna-dolphin legislation,
disaster assistance programs for the fishing industry, fishing capacity
reduction programs, and other related fishery public policy issues.  Interested
persons should be pursuing graduate work in some field related to aquatic or
marine science, fisheries, and/or marine mammals.  This is an *unpaid*
internship, but provides an extensive exposure to how public policy is
developed and involves close work with Congress and Executive Agency staff.
Anyone interested might call me directly or send me a letter of interest with
your current resume and short (6-10 page) writing sample.  I can also provide
contacts with former interns who can tell you, from their perspective, more
about the nature of our work and its relevance to their education and career
        The Congressional Research Service is one of three support agencies of
the U.S. Congress.  Our sole duty is to provide confidential, non-partisan,
objective public policy analysis to support the legislative work of Members of
Congress, congressional committees, and their staff.  I coordinate work for
CRS on aquatic/ marine living resources -- fisheries and marine mammals,
        Interested persons should make initial contact with me no later than
March 29, 1996.
                                Gene Buck, Senior Policy Analyst
                                Environment and Natural Resources Policy Divisio
                                Congressional Research Service
                                Library of Congress
                                Washington, DC  20540-7450
                                Phone:  (202) 707-7262
                                Fax:    (202) 707-7289
                                Internet Address:               gbuck@crs.loc.go