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Subject: marine mammal books

     The following is a list of some marine mammal books currently
     available thru Donald E. Hahn Natural History Books.  To order, call
     520-634-5016 or FAX 520-634-1217.  You can use VISA or MasterCard as
     well.  Be sure to provide the item number!

     Happy buying!


     1379.  Andersen, H.T. (ed).  1969.  The biology of marine mammals.

     1401.  Bullen, F.T. 1899 (1927).  The cruise of the "Cachalot" round
     the world after sperm whales.  $19

     1471.  Jones, M.L. et al. (eds.) 1984.  The gray whale: Eschrichtius
     robustus.    $45

     1472.  Jordan, D.S.  1898.  The fur seals and fur-seal islands of the
     North Pacific Ocean.  Part II.  Observations on the fur seals of the
     Pribilof Islands, 1872-1897, as extracted from the log of St. Paul
     Island, and as recorded in the daily journal of the commission of 1896
     and 1897.     $50

     1542.  Riedman, M.  1990.  The Pinnipeds.  Seals, sea lions, and
     walruses.  $35

     1515.  Mitchell, E.D. (ed).  1975.  Review of biology and fisheries
     for smaller cetaceans.     $35

     1577.  True, F.W. 1983 (reprint).  The whalebone whales of the western
     North Atlantic.  $40

     1585.  Whitehead, H.  1990.  Voyage to the whales.     $22