Subject: Info: Grounded whale full of heavy metals

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Subject: Grounded whale full of heavy m

Grounded whale full of heavy metals - Danish radio

    COPENHAGEN, March 19 (Reuter) - A sperm whale found dead off
the Danish coast last January contained so much mercury and
cadmium that its intestine had to be buried at a special
dangerous waste site, local North Jutland Radio said on Tuesday.
     "The amount of cadmium was 20 times higher and the quantity
of mercury double that normally found in fish," waste company
director Leo Theander told the radio.
     Surprised investigators are now trying to ascertain the
source of the high concentration of toxic metals and whether or
not they killed the animal.
     The whale's intestines alone weighed 1.5 tonnes, but no
details were given on its age, sex or total body weight.
     "It is strange and alarming, for the whale must have eaten
it shortly before dying," Theander added.
     The mammal swam, or was washed, ashore at the northernmost
tip of the Jutland peninsula, which juts into the Kattegat and
Skagerrak sounds between Denmark, Sweden and Norway.