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Subject: Whale flock dies off Denmark's

Whale flock dies off Denmark's coast

   COPENHAGEN, March 27 (UPI) -- A flock of 16 sperm whales was found
dead along the sandy beaches of Romo island off the west coast of
Denmark early Wednesday, Danish public television reported.
   It was the largest number of whales ever found beached on the Danish
coastline, the report said.
   The 10-meter long (33 feet) marine mammals presumably ran aground in
the offshore shallows while searching for food, Thyge Jensen of the
Fisheries and Maritime Museum in the west coast port of Esbjerg was
quoted as saying.
   Judging by the gas found in their carcasses, the whales had been dead
for at least four days, he said. Adult sperm whales can measure up to 20
meters (66 feet) in length and weigh 50 tons.