Subject: Case Study: Sea Lions, Humane Society goes go bat for

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Subject: Humane Society goes go bat for

Humane Society goes go bat for U.S. sea lions

    SEATTLE (Reuter) - Sea lions facing the death penalty for
gobbling up dwindling stocks of steelhead trout at the Ballard
Locks in Seattle now have a champion in the Humane Society.
     The Humane Society of the United States filed suit in U.S.
District Court in Washington D.C. Thursday to overturn federal
authorization to kill up to five sea lions, the local Humane
Society said Friday.
     The lawsuit charges that the National Marine Fisheries
Service violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act when it gave
authorization for the state Fish and Wildlife Department to kill
the sea lions, protected by federal law since 1972.
     The Humane Society also asked for a stay of the
authorization to kill the sea lions until the case can be heard.
     The controversial trapping and killing of the animals,
originally scheduled for Monday, pits the sea lions against the
steelhead, whose numbers have dwindled from runs of 1,600 fish
through the locksin the mid-80s to an estimated run of 130 this