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Summer Program 1996
at the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment
Marine Laboratory

MARINE MAMMALS. (Biology 126L=D7/Environment 226L*.) An intensive=
of ecology, social organization, behavior, communication, anatomy, and
management/conservation issues.  Laboratory and field exercises consider
social organization, communication, data analysis, and life history
parameters.  Prerequisite:  college level courses in introductory biology.
Team taught; instructors include:  Drs. Andrew Read (Duke University),
Randall Wells (UC Santa Cruz), Laela Sayigh and Ann Pabst (UNC, Wilmington),
Aleta Hohn (NMFS, Beaufort Lab) Daniel Rubenstein (Princeton University),
and John Reynolds (Eckerd College--course coordinator). =20
The biology and management of marine mammals attract considerable interest
worldwide and raise ecological, evolutionary, economic, and ethical
questions.  This course uses a comparative approach (involving contrasts
with a local wild horse population) to illustrate key concepts in biology
and conservation biology and provide a rigorous, systematic overview of
marine mammals, especially those species found in the southeastern United
States.  For such species, we emphasize the following topics:  behavior,
ecology, life history, conservation, current research techniques, and key
management issues.  Evaluation is based on weekly examinations and research
projects.  =09
Course space is limited and admission will be on a first-come, first-served
basis.  Room and board will be available for course participants at the
Marine Laboratory.  The course is offered during Summer Term III (July 22 -
August 23). =20

APPLICATION:  Required credentials include the completed summer course
application and a current  academic transcript.  Applications may be found
at the back of the Marine Laboratory 1996-97 Bulletin or on our web page =20

=D7number undergraduates use for registration; * number graduates use for


Admissions Office
Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment, Marine Laboratory
135 Duke Marine Lab Road, Beaufort NC 28516-9721
phone 919/504-7502; fax 919/504-7648; email
or see our web page
Ms. Helen Nearing, Coordinator, Academic Programs
Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment, Marine Laboratory
135 Duke Marine Lab Rd., Beaufort NC 28516
phone 919/504-7502; fax 919/504-7648