Subject: Info: Peru passes law to protect dolphins

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Subject: Peru passes law to protect dol

Peru passes law to protect dolphins

    LIMA, Peru, April 10 (Reuter) - Peru's government published
a law on Wednesday to protect dolphins after a campaign by
environmentalists to save the species whose numbers have fallen
as the result of widespread killing.
     The law passed by Congress and signed into law by President
Alberto Fujimori declared dolphins "legally protected" and
said fishing for and selling of dolphin meat would bring jail
sentences of between two and four years.
     "This is a great achievement. Now with this law, there will
be much greater justice for these animals," said Olga Rey,
president of the Campaign for Life Association which fought for
the dolphin's protection.
    The move is the result of an intense educational campaign to
make the public aware of the reasons for preserving the species,
Rey said.
     Although dolphin fishing was banned last year, the offence
was punishable only by a fine. Dolphin meat, considered a
delicacy, is sold commercially on an informal level.
     In 1993, up to 76 dolphins a day were killed in the country,
according to investigations carried out by the association and a
United Nations environmental study. But the fishing may have
slowed in the last two years as a result of the protection
campaign, Rey said.
     Peru is home to 20 of the 42 species in the world of sea and
freshwater dolphins, she said.