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   OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Defying an international ban on whaling,
Norway raised its quota Saturday to 425 minke whales for the 1996
season, which begins May 21.
   The quota, up from 232 last year, is based on a estimated minke
whale population of between 110,000 and 120,000 animals.
   The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling
three years ago, citing the marine mammals' declining numbers.
   Hallvard Johansen, director of resource management at the
Ministry of Fisheries, said the quota would not be announced
publicly to avoid violence against whalers. He cited an apparent
attempt Friday to sink a whaling boat in a northern Norwegian port.
   Last year's quota was 301 whales, but it was lowered to 232
after the government admitted it overestimated the minke population
at 87,000 and reduced it to 76,000 whales. Only 217 whales were
killed last year.
   Several environmental organizations, including Greenpeace and
the World Wildlife Fund, have asked President Clinton to impose
trade sanctions on Norway if it resumes whaling in May.