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Subject: Lite-Keiko the Whale

Lite-Keiko the Whale

   PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Television never looked so small.
   Keiko the killer whale has his own 32-inch tube. Veterinarians
prescribed television to help keep him mentally stimulated at the
Oregon Coast Aquarium when visitors aren't around.
   So far, the star of "Free Willy" has watched "Blazing
Saddles" and "The Lion King," Aquarium President Phyllis Bell
said Monday. Keiko didn't show a preference.
   There were no plans to show Keiko "Free Willy," but the
teen-ager will be shown footage of other killer whales, Bell said.
   The television, donated by Newport Electronics and Mitsubishi
Electronics America, was put in the staff office, which has a large
window to the aquarium.
   Aquarium officials will limit Keiko's TV time so he doesn't
become an aquarium potato. So far Keiko doesn't show any signs of
   "He loses interest," Bell said. "He doesn't just sit there
and watch it the whole time. He's not like us."