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Subject: oil spill

     Any info on cetaceans being affected by this spill?  In particular, is
     there concern for bottlenose dolphins that were affected a few years
     ago by the die-off.


     New Jersey beaches fouled with spreading slick

     ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., May 20 (Reuter) - An oil spill four times
     bigger than originally estimated has fouled 40 miles of beaches along
     New Jersey's southern shore with tar, state officials said Monday.

     The slick was being carried northward by tides and winds and
     hundreds of workers, some using heavy machinery, were trying to clean
     the beaches in time for the Memorial Day weekend, start of the
     multi-billion dollar tourist season.

     Most of the beaches were open for crowds seeking relief from
     record-breaking heat but some were closed until they could be cleaned.

     The spill occurred in Delaware Bay May 9 when a valve failed
     during a cargo transfer to barges. The Coast Guard said Sunday it was
     42,000 gallons, four times the original estimate. It had reached
     Atlantic City beaches by Monday morning, said Loretta O'Donnell, a
     spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Protection.

     O'Donnell said booms had been installed at the mouths of Absecon
     and Brigantine inlets to protect important waterfowl habitat. The
     biggest concern was the fate of an endangered species, the piping