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What is the status of the minke population?
Why does Norway still whale?
Why do the American inuit still whale?

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Subject: Norway shoots first whale of h

Norway shoots first whale of hunting season

    OSLO, May 23 (Reuter) - Norwegian whalehunters have
harpooned the first whale of the country's much-criticised
commercial whaling season, the national news agency NTB reported
on Thursday.
     It said the 5,000-kilo minke whale was landed in the
southern part of Kristiansand by the whale boat Senet.
     NTB quoted Senet skipper Arvid Enghaugen, whose ship has a
quota of nine whales this year, as saying it was shot in the
North Sea on Wednesday. The whaling season began on Monday.
     The United States protested last week against Norway's whale
hunting plans, saying it deeply opposed commercial whaling
because it had driven some stocks to near extinction.
     James Baker, U.S. representative to the International
Whaling Commission (IWC), noted that world nations imposed a
moratorium on commercial whaling in 1982 under IWC auspices.
     He said the United States recognised that Norway lodged a
formal objection to the moratorium and therefore was not
technically bound by it, but he called on Oslo "to join the
nations of the world in refraining from whaling."
     The United States believes the process by which Norway
calculated its quota of 425 minke whales lacks adequate
international oversight since it has not been considered by the
IWC's scientific committee or by the commission itself.