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   WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- New Zealand is pushing for a
global ban on the use of high-voltage electricity to kill whales
once hunters have caught them.
   New Zealand will raise the issue at next month's conference in
Scotland of the International Whaling Commission. New Zealand and
Britain failed in a bid to put the ban to a vote at the
commission's meeting last year.
   The proposal is aimed at Japan, whose hunters use electric
lances to kill whales after they have been harpooned. Because of
the risk to the crew, hunters cannot use enough electricity to kill
the whales instantly, said Jim McLay, the New Zealand
representative on the whaling commission.
   New Zealand researchers have found that the jolted whales suffer
for several minutes before dying, McLay said.
   "New Zealand is not suggesting there are humane ways of killing
whales. All whale hunting should be halted," he said.
   Japan's hunters kill more than 400 whales a year.
   New Zealand also plans to lodge a protest at the whaling
commission meeting against Norway allowing its whalers to take
twice as many whales this year as in the past.