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Whaling Commission declines to grant Russia extra ...

   LONDON, June 26 (Itar-Tass) - The International Whaling Commission (IWC)
which has met in its 48th session in the Scottish port of Aberdeen has failed
to support Russia's request for an extra quota for whale hunting to meet the
interests of the aboriginal population of Chukotka, Itar-Tass learned from the
head of the Russian delegation to the IWC conference, Valentine Ilyashenko.
   Russia's request was resolutely opposed by representatives from Australia,
Great Britain and New Zealand and other eight countries followed suit, making
a few reservations.  Under IWC rules, 75 per cent of the votes of
member-states participating in the conference are needed to have such a
request approved.
   The Russian move was backed by delegations from seven countries, including
the United States who is also seeking permission to hunt whales for the Makah
   According to Ilyashenko, the concerns expressed over Russia's alleged
"extravagance" as regards whale hunting were unsubstantiated, since last year
Russian whale hunters killed only 85 gray whales while the permissible quota
was 140.