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Subject: Rare Aquatic Animals Given Spe

Rare Aquatic Animals Given Special Protection
   FUZHOU (June 27) XINHUA - Xiamen, known as a "garden upon the sea," has set
up nature reserves to protect rare aquatic animals such as the white-flag
dolphin, the lancelet and the green turtle.
   The white-flag dolphin is one of the world's most endangered species. With
growing pollution in the region, the number of the Chinese river dolphins has
decreased, and now there are only about 200 -- fewer than the also-rare Giant
   After a careful investigation, experts mastered the distribution information
of the white-flag dolphin, then established a preservation zone to give
special protection to the rare aquatic mammal.
   The Fujian Provincial Government also made great efforts to preserve the
lancelet, which mainly live in the coastal areas of Xiamen in east China's
Fujian Province. Lancelet is important for the study of the evolution from the
invertebrate to the vertebrate.