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Subject: Summer Sailing Marine Mammal Classes

I am re-posting this due to several requests of interested students that
are not California residents.  The classes ARE OPEN to out of state
residents for an additonal fee of $127.00.

        This summer Mendocino College, in conjunction with the research
organization Pelagikos, will be offering three sections of Natural
Resource Studies (NRS) 100, Field Ecology in the Santa Barbara Channel
Islands.  Peligikos operates an 84-foot sailing rese arch vessel which
will be used during the course of study.  The courses (see descriptions
below) will coincide with ongoing research that Pelagikos has been
conducting in bioacoustics and feeding behavior of blue and humpback
whales.  This is a unique opp ortunity to engage in this research while
attaining one unit of transferable credit to California State University
(CSU).  The courses will be taught by instructors who have been involved
in this research for the past four years.  Registration is through
Mendocino College.  Courses are open to all California residents. Out of
state students can participate for a fee of $127.00.

introduction to field research techniques used to detect, document and
analyze the general feeding behavior and acoustics of the blue and
humpback whales in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.  This
7-day course will take advantage of the on going activities of the marine
research organization Pelagikos and its 84-foot sailing research vessel.
Other marine habitats and dynamics surrounding the islands will be
explored.  Two sections will be offered.
Instructor: C. Hawkinson, M.S.
Sailing Dates:
Section 1: Leave Sunday, July 21; return Saturday, July 27
Section 2: Leave Sunday, August 4; return Saturday, August 10
Cost per student is $1950

NRS 100 FIELD ECOLOGY: WHALE BEHAVIOR This is an intensive 8-day sailing
expedition.  It will focus on the whale population within the Channel
Islands area.  In addition to the study of whale behavior, the course will
examine the relationship of marine cetaceans to human evolution.  This
will then be discussed as a metaphor for the specimens approach to
scientific study and its resultant effect on our perceptions of the
natural world.  One section will be offered.

Instructor: U. Kaldveer, Ph.D.
Section 1: Leave Saturday, September 14; return Sunday, September 22.
Cost per student is $2250

All expeditions will leave from and return to Santa Barbara Harbor.
Berths are extremely limited; early commitment is encouraged.  Costs are
exclusive of student transportation.  Expedition support is tax

For additional information, please call the executive director of
Pelagikos, Urmas Kaldveer, Ph.D., at (707) 462-5671, or email him at

3020 Bridgeway, Number 155
Sausalito, CA 94965