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Subject: weekly summary from CORE for 01-07 July

Below is a summary of the whale sightings for the week of 01-07 July 1996 by
researchers from the Center for Oceanic Research and Education aboard
commercial whale watching vessels out of the Yankee Fleet in Gloucester
Massachusetts.  Our study area includes areas of Southern to mid-Jeffrey's
Ledge and Northern to mid-Stellwagen Bank.

01 to 07 July 1996:

This week, though it started slowly with only a couple of fin whales and
minke whales near the middle portion of Jeffrey's Ledge, became
progressively better as more whales moved into areas of northern Stellwagen
Bank on the 4th of July. On July 4th, we observed several fin whales, minke
whales and our first humpbacks in over a month! Through the 5th, 6th and 7th
of July more and more humpbacks arrived on Stellwagen Bank, and fin whale
sightings remained very high, with an average of fifteen fin whales sighted
on every trip through the period.  Over the period of the 4th through the
7th, we started with three humpbacks sighted and ended with a high of 9 by
the 7th of July.  Minke whales were observed more frequently in the
afternoon with an average of 2 every afternoon.  The most commonly observed
behaviors were feeding and travelling.  The humpbacks and fin whales were
surface feeding on American sand lance, the humpbacks were observed
bubble-cloud feeding for extended periods on each day from the 4th to the
7th.  The fin whale were observed lunge-feeding for extended periods, as well.

Other marine life observed during the week included several basking sharks,
blue fish, one ocean sunfisg, many greater shearwaters, sooty shearwaters,
Wilson's storm petrels, herring gulls, greater black-backed gulls, Northern
gannets and one Northern fulmar.

Any questions, please e-mail Lisa at the below address: