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     I'm appending part of a regular update I prepare for congressional staff on
fisheries and marine mammal public policy issues as I see them .  In
deference to those who have to pay for communications time, I am including
only new items added since my last posting, and a shortened introduction.  I
will post the entire summary and the longer introduction on the first Friday of
the month.

NOTE:  Archived copies of "first Friday" longer summaries for February 1994
through the present are now available at:


                                 Gene Buck, Senior Analyst
                                 Congressional Research Service


Summary follows:

Marine Mammals
        Tuna-Dolphin.  On July 10, 1996, the House Committee on Resources
reported H.R. 2823 (amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act of
1972 to support International Dolphin Conservation Program in the eastern
tropical Pacific Ocean), with further amendments (H. Rept. 104-665, Part 1),
with referral to the House Committee on Ways and Means for a period ending
not later than July 23, 1996. [Congr. Record]
        Japanese Research Whaling.  On July 5, 1996, the whaling mother
ship, Nisshin Maru, and three catcher boats left Yokosuka, Japan for two
months of research whaling in the northwest Pacific Ocean.  The objective
includes killing 100 minke whales. [Reuters]
        Norwegian Whaling.  In early July 1996, Norwegian new reports
stated that there was no longer any whalemeat left in storage from the 1995
season.  Whalemeat sales had been suspended for a period in June 1996 due
to a dispute between whalers and whalemeat buyers over the price of
whalemeat.  With slightly less than 100 minke whales still to be harvested
from the 425 whale quota, the close of the whaling season was extended from
July 8 to July 15. [personal communication]
        Sea Lions.  In early July 1996, NMFS officials reported that they are
investigating reports that as many as 30 California sea lions may have died
(some by gunshot) recently in Puget Sound, WA.  On July 8, 1996, a former
commercial fisherman was sentenced to a month in prison and fined $3,000
for shooting a California sea lion in January 1993 near Long Beach, CA.
[Assoc Press]
        International Whaling Commission Meeting.  After Australia and
Mexico affirmed that they could not join any IWC consensus favoring the
request, Russia withdrew its proposal that its Chukotka people be allowed to
kill five bowhead whales annually. [personal communication]
        Items in this summary are excerpted from a variety of information
sources.  The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is not responsible
for the accuracy of the various news items.