Subject: Case Study: Of Lobsters and Whales 2

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Subject: Re: news clip - whale traps

I don't know if it would be cost-effective, but wouldn't the whale/lobster
pot problem be eased if there was some way to get the buoys well below the
surface?  I suspect it'd be *technologically* feasible to put a
pinger-activated spool on the traps, so that a fisherman could 'release' a
float line only when retrieving the trap (NB, if release signals were coded
this would also prevent trap piracy).  Alternatively, a float line light
enough for a whale to easily break, with heavy hauling line either spooled
on the trap or some sort of pulley system for hooking the heavy line up
from the surface...  This _sounds_ like a problem that doesn't *have* to

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