Subject: How to learn more about whales

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Wed, 4 Sep 1996 12:22:09 -0400

At 12:01 AM 8/30/96, you wrote:
>			Hello,
>							My name is Julia Lehman, and I'm 11 yrs. old. Whales are my 
>favorite animal, and I have been on many Gloucester whale watches.  I 
>was wondering if you knew of any organizations that would let me learn 
>more about whales, and let me see them more often.Thank you for your 
>																																		sincerely,
>																																						  Julia Lehman
Dear Julia -

One of the best things you might be able to do is sponsor or "adopt" a
whale. Organize a bake sale or other fund raising event with your class at
school - in that way, you can spark interest in your classmates and maybe
even teach them some of the things you've learned about whales.

Otherwise, there are many good books, videos, music and information on the
Internet about whales.  There are marine mammal bulletin boards, including
the one you're using on WhaleNet.  Once you get a little older (in college),
you can apply to become an intern to learn about whale research and the whales.

Good luck!


Lisa Foerster,
Director, Center for Oceanic Research and Education