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Subject: Sea Otter Recovery Plan

The Draft Revised Southern Sea Otter Recovery Plan was released by the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service for a 90-day comment period in July.  The comment
period closes September 24, 1996.

For those who may wish to comment, or for those who just want to know more
about the issue of sea otter recovery planning, Friends of the Sea Otter has
a couple of versions of paper we can send out.  One is a two-page Special
Alert that picks out our principal concerns with the Plan as drafted, and
suggests appropriate action for the USFWS.  The other 16+ page paper has my
detailed comments on the Recovery Plan.  These detailed comments, however,
are not freestanding -- you really need a copy of the Plan too if you want to
fully follow along with them.

A copy of the Draft Recovery Plan itself can be requested from the USFWS
(Ventura, CA office) by calling 805-644-1766.

Interested MARMAM folks can get my 2-page Alert or the 16-page detailed
comments by e-mailing a request to me at EFDFSO@AOL.COM.  Make sure I get
your postal mailing address when you make your request.  You probably should
figure on contacting me by 13 September if you want to see my comments before
responding to the USFWS with your own;  otherwise, you might not meet the 24
September deadline for comments.

Ellen Faurot-Daniels, Science Director, Friends of the Sea Otter.