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BRF--Marine Sanctuaries

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- A bill authorizing $45 million over three
years to protect the nation's marine sanctuaries won House approval
   The legislation would require the Commerce Department to develop
a plan to recover artifacts from the wreckage of the Monitor, while
protecting the remains of the Civil War ironclad.
   The Union vessel fought a drawn battle with the Confederate ship
Virginia -- also called the Merrimack -- in 1862. The Monitor sank
off the coast of North Carolina and the wreckage was found in 1973.
   Fourteen sites, ranging in size from Fagatele Bay, American
Samoa, at 0.28 mile, to the 4,024-square-mile Monterey Bay National
Marine Sanctuary off California, have been granted sanctuary status
-- becoming, in effect, underwater national parks. Two more are in
line to be designated: Thunder Bay, Mich., and Northwest Straits,
   The bill would simplify addition of a new area to the Hawaiian
Islands Humpback Whale sanctuary andmake a minor modification to
the Flower Garden Banks sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.
   The bill, approved by voice vote, now goes to the Senate.