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Subject: Norway: Expected Increase in Minke Whale Quota

Dear Marmamers,

enclosed you will find an article from the High North Web about an
expected increase in the Norwegian quota for next years minke whale

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Norway: Expected Increase in Minke Whale Quota

Professor Lars Wallxe, the Norwegian governments advisor on marine
mammal management issues, will advice the government to increase the
minke whale quota in 1997, reports the newspaper Nordlands
 Framtid September 11. The advice is based on the latest IWC estimate
for the Northeast Atlantic stock.
 The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries hopes to set the quota for the 1997
season not later than January

 The Norwegian government has committed itself to use the precautionary
IWC quota calculation model
 (the Revised Management Procedure) to set whaling quotas and Wallxe
says that his advice will take
 this model into account. Wallxe indicates that he might recommend an
annual quota of 800-900 animals,
 with a gradual increase in due time. This years quota was 425 whales.
According to Wallxe a quota of
 800-900 will still be far from what he believes to be the maximum
sustainable yield. He said that there is
 no reason to believe that the annual catch of 1700 whales during the
two decades from the beginning of
 the 1960`s to approximately 1980 was not sustainable. Based upon the
international survey conducted in
 1995 the international group of scientists appointed by the Scientific
Committee of the International
 Whaling Commission reached in May 1996 consensus on an estimate of
118,000 minke whales in the
 area of the Northeast Atlantic and the Jan Mayen island. These figures
will be used to set the quotas for
 the next five or six years, says Halvard Johansen at the Norwegian
Ministry of Fisheries. The quota for
 the 1996 season was set in May, only a few days before the opening of
the season. "We awaited the
 results of the survey", explains Halvard Johansen. He hopes that the
quota for the 1997 season will be
 set not later than January 1997.

 Johansen also links the quota decision to the future possibilities of
export of blubber.