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U.S. protests Canadian whale hunt

    WASHINGTON (Reuter) - The United States issued a strong
protest Wednesday to the Canadian government for allowing a
whale hunt without international approval.
     Canada authorized its native people to hunt two bowhead
whales this year, despite pleas by the International Whaling
Commission to stop issuing permits for killing the endangered
animal without the commission's nod.
     "The IWC expressed particular concern about the prospect of
whaling in the eastern Canadian arctic, where bowhead stocks are
still highly endangered and are not known to be recovering,"
U.S. commissioner to the IWC, James Baker, said in a statement.
     Canada left the IWC in 1982, saying that it had no longer
had a direct interest in the whaling industry.
     "Clearly this is no longer the case," said Baker, who is
also administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
     "Canada's unilateral whaling quotas call into question its
commitment to international management of living marine
resources," Baker's statement said, urging Canada to rejoin the
     The commission allows limited whale hunts by aboriginal
people to keep up their cultural traditions.