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Subject: newsclip - Japan takes 77 minke whales

      Japan ``research'' mission returns with 77 whales

     TOKYO, Sept 17 (Reuter) - Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru
     returned to a Tokyo port on Tuesday with 77 minke whales caught during
     a two-month "research" mission to the northwest Pacific, fishery
     ministry officials said.

     The whale carcasses will be unloaded in several days and shipped
     to warehouses throughout Japan. Some of the whale meat will eventually
     be distributed to people in whaling villages and some will be

     The 7,440-tonne Nisshin Maru and three catcher boats set sail
     from Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, in July with the aim of catching 100
     minke whales.

     The catcher boats were expected to return home on Wednesday.

     The International Whaling Commission (IWC) adopted a resolution
     in Jule in Aberdeen, Scotland, calling on Japan to stop research

     Activists say Japanese research whaling is thinly disguised
     commercial whaling because most of the meat ends up as an expensive
     delicacy in Japanese restaurants.

     Environmentalists have criticised Tokyo's claim that whaling is a
     deep part of the country's culture. However, no protesters were seen
     at the ship's return.

     Japan has conducted research whaling in the Antarctic since 1987
     and in the northwestern Pacific since 1994.

     Japan has killed about 300 minke whales annually in the name of
     scientific research since since it joined the global moratorium in

     Japan, the world's biggest consumer of whalemeat, says successive
     research missions to the Antarctic have shown that stocks in some
     areas have recovered enough to justify the resumption of commercial

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