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Wed, 2 Oct 96 12:03:00 GMT

Sun Microsystems, Ocean of Know Debut  Distance ...

  SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (Sept. 29) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 29, 1996--Sun
Microsystems, Inc. and Ocean of Know today will demonstrate an innovative new
distance learning system that lets school kids in California explore an
underwater world in Florida.
   The pilot project, which will be broadcast live on the Nickelodeon channel's
"Big Help-A-Thon" coverage, will give Los Angeles school children on the Santa
Monica Pier a chance to drive a remote, underwater camera located inside the
Mote Marine Lab's aquarium in Sarasota, Fla.
   Using Sun(TM) workstations and servers, the Internet and high-speed ISDN
kids at the Santa Monica Pier in California will maneuver the underwater
camera among a variety of sharks in the Mote Shark Tank, while watching live
video on their computer screen. Marine biologists at the Florida lab will be
on-line to describe what the students are seeing and answer any of their
   The Ocean of Know, a non-profit distance learning association, has brought
together a diverse group of leaders representing the arts, technology, science
and academia to develop an innovative curriculum that put students in live
interactive contact with places, people and events they likely would otherwise
never experience.
   The Big Help event is the first chance for the public to experience this
comprehensive program, developed by Ocean of Know, that pushes the limits of
today's learning paradigms through the use of emerging interactive
   The program explores the use of ISDN and the Internet as vehicles to deliver
interactive multimedia marine biology course materials developed by the Ocean
team and stored on a Sun server running Solaris(TM) 2.5.1 and Netscape 2.01.
   "Sun is pleased to work with Ocean of Know and Nickelodeon on this creative
project, which is getting kids excited about science and also illustrates the
type of amazing 'classroom' experience possible via the Internet and
interactive technologies," said Barbara Gordon, vice president of research and
academic computing for Sun Microsystems Computer Company.  "We are committed
to helping provide on-line access to students across the country and to that
end, are fully leveraging Sun's products, technology partners and Internet
expertise in achieving that goal."
   "The Ocean of Know is grateful for Sun's efforts in helping make this
possible," said Daniel P. McVeigh, chairman of the Ocean of Know Board of
Directors.  "With Sun's expertise in network computing and our focus on
distributed learning, we are able to offer a truly exciting, interactive
learning environment in which kids and teachers will both benefit."
   Ocean of Know is funded through major contributions from industry and the
   Founded in 1955, Mote is an independent, non-profit research organization
dedicated to excellence in marine and environmental science.  Mote scientific
staff are internationally recognized for their expertisein biomedical,
environmental assessment, fisheries and aquaculture, marine mammals and shark
   Mote also operates an aquarium visited by more than 250,000 guests each
You can visit Mote's Internet site at
   With annual revenues exceeding $7 billion, Sun Microsystems, Inc. provides
products and services that enable customers to build and maintain open network
computing environments.  Widely recognized as a proponent of open standards,
the company is involved in the design, manufacture and sale of products,
technologies and services for commercial and technical computing.
   Sun's SPARC(TM) workstations, multiprocessing servers, SPARC
Solaris operating software and ISO-certified service organization each rank
No. 1 in the UNIX(r) industry.  Java(TM), Sun's platform-independent
programming environment, provides a comprehensive solution to the challenge of
programming for complex networks, including the Internet.
   Sun Microsystems was founded in 1982, and is headquartered in Mountain View,