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Please advise us as to which town, or general location, would be best for 
viewing Gray Whales off the Pacific Coast of Mexico around New Years.

Your help, or advice against such, would be appreciated.



Gray whales migrate into Baja waters from late December to mid-April
each year, and there are many places to view them from land, since
the migration is basically coastal.  Scammons Lagoon, Laguna San
Ignacio and Magdalena Bay are all very busy sites for these animals.
The town of Guerrero Negro is close to Scammons Lagoon (known locally
as Laguna Ojo de Liebre), and has various facilities.  It is possible
to go whalewatching in boats from many places in the vicinity of
the above sites, all the way down to Cabo San Lucas at the tip of

I highly recommend a book by Erich Hoyt called The Whale Watchers
Handbook (Doubleday, publishers), which gives whalewatching sites
all over the world as well as a brief guide to cetacean species.

Have fun!

Phil Clapham