Subject: Just Don't Call Me Ishmael
Thu, 17 Oct 96 11:39:00 GMT

Just Don't Call Me Ishmael

   SEATTLE (AP) -- Fake Willy, a 16-foot fiberglass model of a
killer whale, has been anchored in the waters of Puget Sound to see
if it will work as an aquatic scarecrow.
   Promoters at radio station KISW hope Fake Willy will scare away
the sea lions that prey on dwindling stocks of steelhead at the
Ballard Locks fish ladder in Seattle.
   The faux orca was anchored 10 feet under water on Wednesday for
a 48-hour test.
   The idea of Fake Willy is attractive because, if it works, it
could prevent wildlife agents from killing nuisance sea lions, said
project director Rudy McCoy, who is working with KISW.
   Since the early 1980s, sea lions have gathered just below the
locks that separate Puget Sound from the ship canal, where they
find it easy to pick off steelhead and salmon that must pass the
locks to reach freshwater streams to spawn.