Subject: Baby Whale
Sun, 12 Jan 97 17:45:00 GMT

Baby Whale

   MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (AP) -- A lost baby whale washed around
helplessly in the surf today on a popular Southern California
beach. A search for its missing mother was unsuccessful.
   Lifeguards hoped the 3-day-old whale would be reunited with its
mother before the weakened calf dies from starvation.
   The 12-foot-long, 1,500-pound whale was spotted on Venice Beach
Friday morning. It beached itself several times.
   "It was rolling helplessly in the surfline," said Los Angeles
County Lifeguards spokesman Danny Douglas.
   Overnight, lifeguards monitored the lost baby whale from a
distance. They worried that without nursing, the baby would soon
   "We want to keep people away, boaters away as much as possible
so that if the mother does come back, it has access to its baby,"
   The baby apparently became separated from its mother during the
whales' annual migration from Alaska to Baja California.
   Lifeguards and the Coast Guard searched for its mother or a pod
it may have come from. They spotted a lone adult whale to the north
near the Santa Monica Pier Friday afternoon, but later lost sight
of it and were forced to call off the search.