Subject: Whale survives first night at
Tue, 14 Jan 97 12:54:00 GMT

Whale survives first night at Sea World

   SAN DIEGO, Jan 12 (UPI) -- Sea World officials say it is too early to
tell whether the newborn gray whale that lost its mother has stabilized
after surviving its first night at the San Diego theme park.
   The park's veterinarians say the 5-day-old mammal -- a female with its
umbilical cord still attached -- is alert and seems to be doing well in
its holding pool.
   The 1,670-pound (750-kg) baby is being treated for severe dehydration
and low blood sugar after being lost in the Pacific Ocean and roaming
the harbors of the California coastal cities of Venice and Marina Del
   Park veterinarians are feeding the baby a whale milk substitute,
fluids and antibiotics. But officials say it will take weeks or months
before they can say she has a good prognosis.
   The whale, which is about 14 feet (4 meters) long, apparently was
separated from its herd after being born prematurely during the annual
three-month migration from Alaskan waters to the winter feeding grounds
in Baja California.
   It was taken to Sea World after lifeguards and others managed to
beach it Saturday. Experts had feared it would die unless it found its
   Gray whales are federally protected.