Subject: Whales N/L 2 Sydney (fwd)

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Subject: Whales N/L 2 Sydney

Whales N/L 2 Sydney

  The spokesman said the mother died after being transported from
the southern Sydney beach to the shelter of Botany Bay, considered
necessary to protect the whales from approaching bad weather.
   "After consulting with the Taronga Park Zoo vet and ORCA, it was
decided the calf should be euthanased," the spokesman said.
   "Both mammals will undergo autopsies to determine the cause of
death. There is nothing to indicate any problem at this stage."
   The discovery of the two rare Beaked whales by surf lifesavers
around 12.30pm prompted an overwhelming response from the public
and official wildlife groups in an attempt to save them.
   It was originally thought the whales would recover in the
shallow waters of Silver Beach at Botany Bay after officials
ditched plans to transfer the pair to Boat Harbour.