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Subject: China Establishes First Dolphi

China Establishes First Dolphin Protection Center

   NANJING (Feb. 2) XINHUA - The first white-flag dolphin
protection center in China has been established in east China's
Zhenjiang city to care for the animal on the lower reaches of the
Yangtze River.
   The white-flag dolphin, found only in China and under priority
protection by the state, is one of the six types of fresh-water
dolphins still surviving on the earth. The past decade has witnessed
the unexpected death of 59 dolphins, according to statistics.
   Experts estimate that the total number of white-flag dolphins alive is
less than 200, far below that of the giant panda. With less-than-enough
attention paid to protection, people might see the extinction of the
species in 25 to 100 years, they said.
   "It is extremely urgent to save the animal, as it is so rare now,"
noted an expert.
   Nanjing Normal University and the Zhenjiang city government have
launched a serious of protection projects to save the dolphin, and
tests for artificial breeding has been carried out, though without any
breakthroughs yet.
   The newly-established center is expected to make protection work more
scientific, systematic and regular, said a provincial government
   Chinese biologists have vowed not to let the animal die out in their