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Subject: Dolphins shot in Philippines

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Saturday, February 8, 1997

Another dolphin found dead in coastal town.

Bacolod City - A third dolphin was found dead with bullet wounds on the
shores of a beach in a village 82 kilometres north of Bohol, raising
suspicions that fishermen may have been shooting the dolphins.

The 10-feet long dolphin was found to have four wounds, but the fatal one
was in its head.  Early this week two dead dolphins, also bearing wounds,
were separately washed ashore in two coastal villages of this city.

The Negros Occidental Provincial Agriculturist Office had examined the
first two dolphins and found a hole-like wound on each of them, said Ruel
Almoneda, aquaculture technologist.

Residents of Barangy Old Sagay believe the wound was caused by spears
hurled by fishermen.

"They appear to be bullet wounds", said Almoneda.

He said dolphins travel along with schools of tuna and fishermen on board
big vessels may have shot at them so they would not disturb their fish

He said the dolphins that were washed ashore in Bacolod may have come from
the Sulu Sea in southern Negros while the one found in Sagay came from the
Tanon Strait.

The Tanon Strait, which separates the islands of Cebu and Negros, is a
known habitat of dolphins.  It is being promoted for aqua-tourism by
officials of Bais City in Negros Oriental, which faces the strait.

Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia is still having the death of the dolphins
investigated but so far the culprits remain unknown.  The killing of
dolphins is punishable by imprisonment.

Carla P. Gomez, PDI Visayas Bureau.


John McMullan