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Subject: NSW: First sea lion born at Ta

NSW: First sea lion born at Taronga

   SYDNEY, Feb 10 AAP - Kasha and Kotic proudly displayed their
first newborn today - a one-month-old Australian sea lion pup, the
first to be born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.
   The unamed female pup was born on December 27 last year, but zoo
officials could not display her until they were sure she could
   Now weighing in at 14 kilograms, the pup is the first to be born
since the zoo began a breeding progam a few years ago.
   The Australian Sea Lion is a native of southern Australia, along
the West Australian and South Australian coast, with a vulnerable
but stable population of 12,000, the zoo's marine mammal department
manager Andrew Irvine said.
   Mr Irvine said the gestation period for sea lions was 19 months
and the display of the pup also brought news of a second pregnancy
among the four sea lions at Taronga.
   Kara and Kotic are now expecting.
   A baby sea lion weighs around 6.3kg when born and measures 50cm,
and while a grown female averages around 100kg in weight, a grown
male can weigh between 300kg and 400kg.
   Today Kara underwent an ultrasound examination to check the
progress of the pregnancy, with zoo officials checking the pup's
length and heart rate.
   So far, everything is going swimmingly.