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Subject: Growing baby whale moved to bi

Growing baby whale moved to bigger tank

   SAN DIEGO, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- A baby whale rescued from near death and
taken to San Diego's Sea World last month continues to flourish and is
spending her first day in a new, larger tank.
   Sea World spokeswoman Jonna Rae Bartges said Saturday the 5-week-old
gray whale has been gaining about 1.5 pounds every hour.
   The whale, named J.J. by her caretakers, was rescued by lifeguards
and others last month after being beached near Marina Del Rey, Calif.
   J.J. has since grown about two feet to a length of 15.5 feet and
weighs approximately 2,600 pounds. She drinks two gallons of formula
every two hours.
   Bartges said the new 1.7-million-gallon, 30-foot-deep pool has a
glass viewing panel that allows the public to see J.J. for the first
   She said, "There's a crowd of youngsters there now who are just
amazed to see the whale. It's an incredible experience for everybody."
   She said J.J. is the first known gray whale to be raised in
   Marine mammal experts are "guardedly optimistic" about the baby
whale's prognosis, but Bartges said "she's still not out of the woods