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Subject: Intruding sea lion finally jum

Intruding sea lion finally jumps ship

   SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb. 16 (UPI) -- Sailor Heidi Hall is spending the
day doing something she hasn't been able to do in a month -- clean the
family's sailboat.
   The Orange County Register newspaper says (Sunday) an 800-pound sea
lion that took over the boat last month and refused to leave has finally
jumped ship -- to the great relief of the Halls and government officials,
who could not legally disturb the federally protected marine mammal.
   The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 makes it a crime to harm or
even annoy a marine mammal.
   The sea lion, nicknamed "Sinky" because the Halls feared it would
sink their 21-foot vessel, crushed the boat's rear lights and used the
deck as a toilet during its 30-day stay.
   Harbor Patrol officials revved their engines next to the sailboat
Saturday morning and Sinky dived into the water. Then they towed the
boat across the Newport Beach bay.
   The sea lion promptly boarded another boat, and stayed there until
mid-afternoon, when he disappeared into the water.
   Harbor Patrol officials say Sinky won't be gone long, especially with
scraps from a nearby fishing boat dock floating in the water.
   A spokeman says, "When this dirty animal finds a place he likes, he
stays there."