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Subject: BRF--NZealand-Beached Whales

BRF--NZealand-Beached Whales

   WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- Five sperm whales beached on the
central New Zealand coast today, too far ashore to be refloated
after high tide receded.
   Three whales died outright, and conservation workers shot the
other two.
   The whales, ranging up to 50 feet in length and 70 tons, were
found at Taupata Creek on the northern end of New Zealand's South
   The Department of Conservation in nearby Takaka, 110 miles west
of Wellington, the capital, said it was "very unusual" for sperm
whales to beach in a group.
   Believing the animals to be in pain, workers shot the two whales
that survived, National Radio said.