Subject: Battle to save beached dolphin (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 25 Feb 97 12:35:00 GMT 
Subject: Battle to save beached dolphin

Battle to save beached dolphin

   Rescuers were today trying to save the life of an oil-covered dolphin washed
ashore on the south coast.
   Experts from the RSPCA and the Sealife Centre at Hayling Island, near
Portsmouth, wrapped the mammal in a blanket and poured buckets of water over it
to keep its skin wet.
   They were hoping it could be saved by specialist treatment by a vet.
   A passer-by spotted the dolphin in shallow water close to the Inn On The
pub at 10.30am. It had a badly cut left eye and cuts to its tail fin and back,
probably caused by shingle as it was washed ashore.
   A clean-up operation was mounted after lumps of oil were found on a
stretch of coastline at Hayling Island.